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Kayak Rentals

Quick Details

Otter Kayak 200lbs limit • Sit-In Kayak
Loon Kayak 300lbs limit • Sit-In Kayak
Hula Kayak 200lbs limit • Sit On-Top Kayak
Moku Kayak 310lbs limit • Sit On-Top Kayak
Tandem Kayak Price is for Two people • 400lbs limit • Sit-In Kayak
Festiva Tandem Kayak 450lbs limit • Sit On-Top Kayak • Price for 2 People
Self-Kayak Landing Fee Land your own Kayak at River Country's Beach

Rent a Kayak and Paddle the Delaware River!

Delaware River kayaking is the perfect way to spend a day in Bucks County! At Bucks County River Country, we’ve been helping people kayak the Delaware River for nearly 50 years. We offer a variety of kayaks to satisfy most preferences.

We have several different types of kayaks:

  • Traditional “sit-in” style kayaks
  • “Sit-on-top” ocean style kayaks
  • Tandems kayaks — paddle with a partner
  • Smaller Otter kayaks
  • Large Loon kayaks