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How booking with us works

Reserving River Activities at River Country is On-line easy! Just a few items to know.

All reservations are done on-line so by the time you arrive we are expecting you and there will be no extra waiting in lines.


How it works/ How to reserve with River Country

Reserving an activity such as Tubing, Canoeing, Rafting or Kayaking is All on-line easy with a few clicks, yet to make it really Smooth there are a few things to know, and a few guidelines we have in place to keep everyone on the same page.

Our most popular activity is Tubing, but we also have Rafts, Canoes and Kayaks. We do not suggest kayaks for children under 12, we further do not suggest children under 12 in a canoe unless they sit in the middle of the canoe as a third person. Canoes hold a maximum of 3 people.Typically we suggest a Raft or Tubing for children.

Tubes and Rafts are much more stable and are harder to tip. Rafts hold a maximum of 4 adults. They will hold 5 people if some are smaller children, but you will need at least 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 older child capable of handling the raft in each raft. There is a 3 person minimum for Rafts

If you intend to rent Tubes and boats at the same time, we CAN NOT combine Tube Rides and any boats as they Launch ( put-in ) at different locations miles away from each other.

The minimum age for any activity is Four years old at the time of the activity.

All participants must sign a waiver, participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them.



  1. Get your family and friends together. Decide on which activity you want to do.
  2. Make a reservation on our website for the day and time you want to come
  3. Read your confirmation letter for important info.
  4. Make sure everyone signs a liability release.
  5. On the day before and the day of your trip check for any emails from us and check our website for any updated info regarding your trip, especially check our conditions page  for weather info and permitted activities and age limits due to river level.
  6. Pull into our parking lot and check in to receive your wristbands that correspond with your activities, if anyone did not sign the release electronically at the time you made the reservation on-line, you will be handed a paper release forms to complete at a liability table that you will be directed to after you park. No one can proceed with your trip unless we have a form from everyone in your party, so we HIGHLY suggest that you sign the liability forms at the time you make the reservation.
  7. Use the restroom and changing facilities if needed. They are located at the end of the parking lot. Leave everything that you are not taking on the trip in your car (remember you cannot take any food, coolers, alcohol, etc) The only thing you may bring are non-disposable water bottles or jugs with a NON-ALCOHOLIC drink and a small drawstring bag for essentials.
  8. Check your keys if desired and get any needed supplies at the River Supply Store and Cafe
  9. Head up toward the office building on stilts. If you are going boating- Follow the Signs For Boats on the sidewalk and go toward your right where our staff will direct you to get your paddles and life jackets which are required and included in your price. Staff  will direct you where to wait for the bus. Make sure your whole party is together to board the bus and gets off at the same location.
  10. For all trips we drive you up river in a bus to the starting point. You will enter the river and float back to our landing where your car is parked. We take up a bus full of people, but once you enter the river you float back with your own party. This is not a guided trip. How long it takes to float back will depend on the river level, winds, how much you paddle or don’t, etc. You can take as long as you like floating back but must be back before we close at 6:30.
  11. You will end your trip when you see the big pillars in the river. You will see them about 1 mile from where you get out, When you see them begin to  paddle to the right ( The Pennsylvania side ), to land on our beach. Return your equipment to where you got it ( Tubes, Life jackets, paddles ) Pick up your keys if you checked them.  Head home with good memories of the fun day you enjoyed.