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Policies & River Tips


After 55 years of dishing out FUN, we’d like to think we have the system for keeping it both FUN and SAFE. Please review the policies and river tips here to ensure your river adventure with the Delaware River’s most experienced river outfitter is AWESOME! Have questions? Call or email us for more information.


Inclement Weather: We cannot operate during thunderstorms, we will try to reopen as soon as the storm passes. There are no refunds or rain checks issued. We could also be closed on extremely cool or rainy days. Please call (215)297-5000, if weather seems questionable.

High Water: For your safety, we are sometimes forced to close or mandate certain restrictions if the river level rises. Please call if we had significant rain prior to your trip.

Food & Beverage: Cans, Bottles, Water bottles, alcohol, backpacks, coolers are not permitted on any BCRC outings. We are only allowing non-disposable water bottles or jugs with a NON-ALCOHOLIC drink and a small drawstring bag for masks and sunscreen. This policy is to insure your safety and eliminate pollution. Picnic lunches in a small playmate size cooler only are permitted on canoe, raft and kayak outings. Help keep our river clean. We have food concessions on the property. We do have a small picnic area, but it is not suggested you picnic here on the weekends as it is usually full.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden on BCRC premises, transport vehicles, BCRC drop-off points and rental equipment. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on any of our trips and will be refused entrance to our facilities. Alcohol and water sports do not mix.

We do have a small picnic area, but it is not suggested you picnic here on the weekends as it is usually full. Please check out the local parks a directory of local facilities is found on our links page (Bucks County Conference & Visitors Bureau). 

Alcohol: The use of alcohol is strictly forbidden on BCRC premises, transport vehicles, BCRC drop-off points and rental equipment. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on any of our trips and will be refused entrance to our facilities or asked to leave our property. Alcohol and water sports do not mix!

Dress: We suggest you wear a bathing suit or shorts and t-shirt as you are in the water while tubing and may get wet while canoeing, rafting and kayaking. We do have changing rooms (no showers) so you may want to bring a change of clothes. In cooler times for canoeing, rafting, or kayaking, please dress appropriately for the weather (jeans, t- shirt, sweater or jacket) and bring a change of clothes in case you tip and get wet. We also suggest water shoes or old sneakers as the river bottom is rocky. Taylor’s River Supply Store also sells water shoes, t-shirts, hats, lotion and other personal protection products.  Sun protection is a must (lotion, hat, and visor).

Personal Articles: We suggest you leave all valuables at home. Anything you take on the river could get wet or lost. Please make sure all glasses, keys and other items are secured. The River Supply Store offers key and other storage for a nominal fee. We do suggest this for your car keys as people lose them all the time. Locksmiths can cost hundreds of dollars, and you could be waiting for them to arrive for hours.

Pets: We suggest you leave your pets at home. Pets are not allowed on tube, raft or kayak outings. Dogs are allowed on canoe outings but will be refused if anyone on the transport vehicles object to riding with them. They must be leashed AT ALL TIMES and are not allowed on private property or to interfere with any wildlife or pets.

Age Requirements: We do require that our younger customers be AT LEAST four ( 4 ) years of age at the time of your activity!

Safety & Liability: Although no effort is spared to assure you have a safe outing, it must be understood that there are inherent risks and dangers in tubing, rafting, canoeing and kayaking. You participate at your own risk. Life guards or guides are not provided. We do not assume responsibility for personal injury, medical payments, or property loss or damage. You will be asked to sign a waiver and release of liability before your outing begins. Persons with known or suspected physical afflictions or impairments or who are pregnant should check with their physician before undertaking any outdoor recreation activity. Parent or guardian must sign for participants under 18.

Life Jackets: Life jackets are mandatory for all canoe, raft and kayak outings and for all children tubers 12 and under. Lifejackets are also MANDATORY for anyone who does not swim well. Life Jackets are provided by BCRC at no additional charge. FOR YOUTH GROUPS, camps, and other GROUPS, all group participants MUST WEAR A LIFEJACKET, IF THEY ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE.

Personal Boats: Personal inflatable rafts or tubes are not permitted to be used at or land on BCRC property.

Parking: You must park in our parking lot as the surrounding area is all private property. Parking is for our customers only. Anyone parking here with private inflatable boats or tubes will be refused or their vehicle towed. There is a $8 charge per car for parking. CONCERNING BUSES : Groups with School buses are asked to come directly to River Country and park in our Parking lot. Groups with (charter and Coach Buses) are to travel and park at Kinsman Co., Please see Bus Parking Page

Deposit & Cancellations: Online Reservations are REQUIRED for all outings.  Cancellations are only accepted up to three days in advance of your trip or for extenuating circumstances at the discretion of management.  Rain cancellations are honored if it is raining at BCRC. In that case, we will refund your payment or you may reschedule your trip. Refunds are not given after equipment is contracted or taken out.


What to bring, what to wear… Just a few tips to make your river experience the best possible!

Waivers: Sign your liability form BEFORE you arrive for your activity, details on this can be found here.

Groups with Kids: For families with small children, we suggest rafting.

Car Keys: Upon arrival, we highly recommend checking your car keys at The River Supply Store for $2 (located on the premises). Keys are lost in the river almost daily even when they were “safely attached” to a bathing suit. Consider the possibility that any item brought on the river can be swept away! Locksmiths can be very expensive ($200 or more).

What to Bring: Sunscreen and water shoes or old sneakers, do NOT wear flip flops or sandles (the sun reflection off the water can lead to some very red tubers.)

Life Jackets: For your Safety Keep your lifejacket on! For Tubing Life Jackets are MANDATORY for ALL individuals 12 OR UNDER. OR if you are not a strong swimmer, OR you do not know how to swim. For Boating lifejackets are mandatory for everyone.


Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is prohibited anywhere on BCRC’s grounds or on your outing (strictly enforced) We want you to have a safe trip and return another day. Alcohol and water sports don’t mix

Staying Together: Be prepared to stay together! It’s easy for your group to drift apart on a running river. You can purchase ties to keep your group or family together at The River Supply Store (located on the premises).

Equipment: Do not leave boats and equipment unattended! (the beavers and squirrels like taking them for joy rides. In fact one of our canoes was found in Jamaica with a dreadlock sporting Bucks County Squirrel) …kidding!

Wildlife: Enjoy wildlife and wildflowers, but please leave them behind.

Littering: Please, for the sake of our Beautiful River, absolutely no littering. That is why we do not permit taking water bottles, coolers or other potential trash onto the river.

Have Fun: It is absolute essential River Country Policy that you and your group enjoy the water, sun, and have lots and lots of fun!

Local Links: For additional lodging, dining and other activities in our area, visit our links page, stuffed full of local Restaurants, lodging facilities, and Historic attractions of Bucks County. Also check out Bucks County Conference and Visitors Bureau.

Booking: When booking a reservation, please note that some days and times are not always available. If you attempt to make a reservation on a time and date that are over booked sold, our reservation system will not permit it. We suggest that you choose a different time for availability. Please make sure that the time you pick has enough availabilities for the number of people that you wish to reserve for, there may be availability for one tube, yet not necessarily for 3 tubes.